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I’ve been coming to see Matt to get my hair cut every other Friday since April 2015.  I can honestly say that it’s the best haircut I’ve had, its why I keep going back!  The salon itself is a small, truly personal experience, you don't feel rushed at all.  Matt himself is a perfectionist and his attention to detail really shines out.  I have and continue to recommend foureighty to anyone. 


Mick Norcross - Chairman and Owner of The Sugarhut Group


A recent email recieved from a new client; Janet - Shenfield:


"Hello Matt, its Janet -  you may remember you cut my hair the other evening.   I just want to say I am so pleased with what you did - I can honestly say it is the best cut I have ever had and I am very keen to maintain it.  So, as my hair grows so quickly can I book an appointment on Wednesday May 13th at 5.30pm and Tuesday June 2nd at 5.30pm”.


David Johnson - Clayhall:


Current. Classy. Fashionable. Trustworthy. Humorous. Engaging.


It is without hesitation that I can recommend Matt.  Whatever brand or business you put him in, he delivers the finest haircuts and / or styling. However, he now finds himself driving his own brand ‘foureighty™’, and I am genuinely excited to watch this salon become a force within the market.


From a personal perspective, I have found myself angry or frustrated with terrible haircuts or not what I asked for from other salons over the years – more often than should be allowed. However… Since meeting Matt just over 10 years ago, he is my number one choice and now counts various members of my friends and family amongst his clientele. I trust him implicitly and have even told him to do what he wants with my hair – If you knew me, you’d know how much of a credit to Matt that is.


Beyond the hair, Matt is a once in a lifetime guy and character. You will immediately feel like you’ve known him years and he’ll converse on any topic and make you feel a million dollars. His salons style speaks volumes of Matt and if I can guarantee you one thing, it’s that you will return again and again and again and again.


Graeme - Chiselhurst:


I've lived in London for 16 years now, Matt has cut my hair for the last 10. 

His talent is, in my opinion, a rare thing in hairdressing. He gives you expert advice on your hair, but ultimately cuts it exactly the way you want it, not how he thinks it should be.


It's a fine line between advising and dictating but Matt dances along it with ease (usually to a cracking, Ibizan themed soundtrack too!)


So in the end, you always feel like what you have had is a haircut tailored specifically to you, not some cut by numbers job that could be churned out by anyone. 


His enthusiasm about his job & pretty much anything else he talks to you about just adds to the experience and is the main reason his salon will only ever be a success. 


I would, and have, recommended him to anyone.



Neil - Shenfield


Matt has been cutting my hair since NYE 2002 when a fortuitous turn of events took me into Toni & Guy in Canary Wharf for the first time.


He has been doing my hair ever since and with my hand on my heart I can say I have never had a bad haircut from him. He has encouraged me to be bold and we've experimented with styles I would never have even considered with other hairdressers because he has my complete trust. He now also cuts the hair of a number of my closest friends and my wife, who all saw first hand what an amazing job he was doing. 


I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek of foureighty and it blew me away; easily the coolest salon I've ever seen. It is bespoke, unique, inspiring and undefeatably cool - just like Matt!



Charley - Shenfield


The shop had me captivated from day one of its refit. An air of mystery of 'what's it going to be?' And then it finally opened.....


On reading Matt's website I was highly impressed by his attention to detail and the fact that he wasn't a 'run of the mill' hairdresser. Offering a bespoke service, Matt didn't fail to deliver. A top bloke, who really listens to his clients, is friendly, easy to talk to and is a highly experienced stylist. 


The salon is a refreshing eclectic mix of retro photos and nic nacs and a totally different experience to the usual stuffy stuck up salon I dread to visit. 


I can't wait to return! 

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