the proprietor™


my name is Matt


I am by nature a creator. 


For as long as I can remember I have always found it extremely rewarding to create something that sits right in both your head and your gut. Something that gives you and others a pleasing feeling of correctness or even cool. Something you want to be a part of, take ownership of, belong to.  Something with kudos.


Be it something that you can see, feel, taste, wear, hear or read it doesn't matter, the end result and feeling is always the same;  Truly special.


I am also very fortunate that the things that I create people tend to like, enjoy, even love.


foureighty™ is a creation of mine which has been my whole life in the making, it melds absolutely everything I've ever found inspiring together in a cumulative hub.  I intend it to be a place of innovation and taste, not solely in the business of making people look good (which we most definitely are) but somewhere that everyone will hopefully find inspiration to go out and create something truly special of their own.


I can't wait to see you all in the salon for your own little slice of inspiration.



the mentor™





Danny Fairbrass is founder and Managing Director of several companies, Korda being the main one. Korda makes carp fishing tackle and after starting in Danny's kitchen 25 years ago it now employs over one hundred people across Europe and has grown into one of the top companies in the fishing tackle industry. It is known for being a market leader in both the bespoke tackle it designs and sells, and the way it presents itself in the public domain including its TV series; Thinking Tackle, Fishing Guru's and The Big Fish Off.  More recently it's sister company Guru has forged itself into the match fishing market and his lakes in France called Gigantica are also market leaders in their field, both benefitting from Danny's commitment to success, his devotion to equality and a genuine love for angling, wildlife and for people of all walks of life. We asked Danny about his relationship with Matt Bolton and why he is mentoring him in this project..........


"I have known Matt (MathYOW as I call him) for longer than I can remember. We have been dancing partners (Techno not Ballroom) for many years and share a deep love for the underground side of electronic music. Matt is responsible for loading my iPod, if he presses play on his iMac it plays electronica for over a year, non stop. He is an encyclopaedia of dance music, with impeccable taste and a detectives nose for sniffing out rare tracks and mixes. 


Matt has the most welcoming manner of anyone I know, he is utterly charming. His family life is a joy to be around, so mentoring him towards personal success rather than making others wealthy was an easy decision to make.


He is one of life's true creative people. He has written a children's book, a very good one as well, his photography is awesome, he just sees the perfect shot and takes it. A lot of his recent photo's are taken with his trusty iPhone and, they still look amazing, better than mine with top end kit. I have already touched on his love for music, to say he is a connoisseur is an understatement. In short the man has very good taste, especially in friends.....


My influence comes mainly in the background, running a business to make a profit and so thrive is my forte, my gift. My mind always races with ideas, how to make the absolute best of any opportunity gives me a real buzz. I am proud to say I have had some small influence on the look of foureighty, persuading Matt to share so much of his life with everyone through the pictures that adorn the salon and web site, just as they do at his home. 


Like many 'creatives' Matt is bashful about his creative flare, in contrast, I have no issue with shouting his praises from the rooftops. So, I have complete confidence that foureighty will not only survive but thrive, and I can personally guarantee you a totally unique experience, he's cut my hair for years, he's made me laugh for years, and if he can make me look good then he can do it for anyone!"



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