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foureighty™ Is a totally unique, bespoke Hairdressing Salon, located in Hutton Road, Shenfield. 


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Matt Bolton, I am the founder, owner and senior stylist at foureighty. Hairdressing is a business I have personally taken pride in for the last twenty nine years.


Unlike many 'typical' stylists I am experienced in all aspects of hairdressing, obviously salon but also major editorial work, high end advertising campaigns, and the catwalks of London, New York and Milan fashion weeks. 


I take pride in and will strive to create the perfect bespoke look tailored to suit each individual's lifestyle, face shape and skin tone. So foureighty is far more than just a hairdressers, I am in the business of making people look, and feel, good.  foureighty has been kept 'small' by design. I am are here to bring the personal touch back into hairdressing, you are a person, not a number. The intimate atmosphere will leave you feeling really 'cared for' rather than shunted along in the all too familiar 'conveyor belt mentality' of the modern hairdressing chains who I know from personal experience focus only on 'profit' rather than 'people'.  I am proud to say many of my clients from London have followed me to Shenfield, firstly because they love the way I cut their hair but for me just as importantly because they enjoy the whole experience. Many have become friends, sharing my many passions for family, friendships, music, fashion, photography, art, journalism, etc, etc.   


I am by nature a creator.  I have always found it extremely rewarding to create something that sits right in both your head and your gut. Something that gives you and others a pleasing feeling of correctness or even cool. Something you want to be part of, take ownership of, belong to. Something with kudos.   foureighty is a creation of mine which has been my whole life in the making, it moulds absolutely everything I've ever found inspiring together in a cumulative hub. I intend it to be a place of innovation and taste, somewhere that everyone will find the inspiration to go out and create something truly special of their own.  


I can't wait to see you all in the salon for your own little slice of inspiration. 



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